踏入自有品牌的領域。 Aesop是新舊傳承的實體表現,為了延續製鞋工藝存在
每一個線條每一個配色都是精心挑選,舒適的設計,讓 妳自由的創造自己的風格

Aesop creates urban style shoes with a passion 
for craftsmanship where high quality is the key. 
The collection is manufactured in the south of Taiwan, Tainan City. 
The city is renowned for footwear industries in Taiwan. 
Aesop has our own factory which operates since 1989. 
That means we design and we take responsible for our quality as well. 
Aesop's shoes are made according to traditional and 
sustainable methods, from high quality materials. 
Furthermore, comfort is the essential of our collection. 
We are not only making stylish shoes, we care about your every steps.